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Outdoor Group Fitness Session

Stay Motivated For Success: How an Outdoor Group Fitness Session Can Improve Your Health.

As the weather starts to get warmer and the beauty of Pennsylvania unfolds before us, it is time to begin thinking about our next outdoor group fitness session. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing many people throughout the country to quarantine and remain away from their regular gyms, an outdoor group fitness session offers a unique opportunity to get back on track with our health and wellness goals.

GRIT Fitness was established by Lauren Rothfeld and Christina Wilson to serve Upper Dublin, Ambler, and the Horsham areas in Pennsylvania with winning fitness courses and training packages. Let's explore how GRIT Fitness can lead its clients to a better tomorrow through unique and elite functional fitness classes outdoors!

Group Fitness: Motivation You Can Learn From.

Everybody knows that it can be hard to stick to a fitness routine in the best of times, much less during the middle of a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. Yet with the weather warming and open-air fitness available, there hasn't been a better opportunity to get back in the rhythm of your fitness routine.

Exploring outdoor fitness classes with GRIT Fit is great for a bunch of different reasons, so let's underscore them together.

Convenient Group Fitness Classes — GRIT Fit has a constantly evolving rotation of classes available almost every day of the week. From morning routines like the Wake Up to GRIT Fitness to evening sessions, there is something for every schedule.

Affordable Class Packages — GRIT Fitness doesn't think getting in shape should be cost-prohibitive and that's why they carry multiple GRIT Class Packages. From the Virtual WOD Pack to the GRIT Class 20-pack, there are options for every fitness routine.

Professional Guidance — Led by a former collegiate basketball player and fitness coaching enthusiast, GRIT Fitness leads by example thanks to years of experience and knowledge in the fitness field.

Are you ready to live your best life, elevate your fitness goals, and get back on track with an outdoor GRIT Group Fitness class?

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