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Outdoor Fitness Classes

Outdoor Fitness Classes With GRIT Fitness — Whole Body Workouts To Get You Going!

Few things in life are as exciting or intimidating as joining a new fitness class. For newcomers to the fold, learning the ins and outs of physical fitness can be hard, especially when they feel so far behind. Fortunately, GRIT Fitness is here to serve high-quality outdoor fitness classes to whoever needs them throughout Upper Dublin, Horsham, and Ambler in Pennsylvania.

With a full slate of outdoor fitness courses, let's take a moment to explore their benefits together.


  1. Learn the Ropes With a Community — GRIT Fitness is about so much more than just working up a sweat. Members of the outdoor fitness classes are part of the GRIT Fitness community. Learn under the guidance of local fitness experts and enthusiasts in a judgment-free space at your own pace.

  2. Prevent Injuries While Improving Efficiency — There is a difference between working out and working out effectively. When you train with the professionals at GRIT Fitness, we are led through the ropes, taught safe methods, and watched over to ensure that our form is correct.

  3. Motivation When You Need It — Group outdoor fitness sessions are the best way to get motivated to succeed. Group classes feed off the energy and motivation of each member of the course.

Fitness You Can Believe In With GRIT Fitness

GRIT Fitness was founded by Lauren Rothfeld and Christina Wilson, two fitness enthusiasts with dedication and motivation to match. Priding themselves on their hustle, passion, and determination, the team at GRIT Fitness ushers in new fitness enthusiasts through their outdoor fitness classes all the time.

For individuals new to training or those looking to round out their routine with quality outdoor fitness classes have come to the right place! GRIT Fitness offers fitness classes in the morning, afternoon, and evening to go along with their virtual sessions. Purchase a GRIT Class Package or an individual class at your convenience!

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