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Fitness Bootcamp

Push Yourself to the Fitness Limits With a Fitness Bootcamp by GRIT Fitness!

Working out at home has become increasingly popular over the years. Whether we are limited by our access to a local gym, or we simply don't have the time to attend one, virtual fitness can provide us with the tools, techniques, and guidance necessary to find success in health and fitness.

GRIT Fitness was established to offer functional, unique, and elite fitness classes for outdoor and virtual occasions. For locals to the Upper Dublin, Ambler, and Horsham Area, there are fitness bootcamp and outdoor fitness opportunities with GRIT. In addition to these outdoor courses, GRIT is proud to offer a Virtual WOD Pack for just $60.

Why Should I Try a Virtual Fitness Bootcamp?

For individuals looking to supercharge their home workouts, a virtual fitness bootcamp through GRIT is a great way to approach the journey. With a Virtual WOD Package (10 Virtual Workouts) at just $60, there are quite a few advantages that come along with the purchase.


  1. Watch Your Confidence Grow — Newcomers to the fitness realm will watch as their confidence skyrockets. Virtual fitness programs are a great way to familiarize ourselves with a routine safely and effectively.

  2. Embrace Your New Motivation — Not only will virtual fitness attendees watch their confidence grow, but they will also learn to embrace their new motivation. Virtual fitness classes keep attendees focused, motivated, and ready to push harder.

  3. Receive Professional Guidance — With a professional team of fitness enthusiasts, clients will receive workouts and professional guidance during their virtual fitness routine. Undergo your fitness transformation armed with the assurance that a professional is keeping you focused in the right direction.

GRIT Fitness offers an array of exciting outdoor group fitness classes as well as their virtual WOD offerings. Sign up for the class that works for YOU and let GRIT Fitness motivate you along the way!

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