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Online Fitness Classes

Seize the Day With Online Fitness Classes by GRIT Fitness!

Looking to stay in shape but unable to get to the gym? Worried about COVID-19 and want to remain socially distanced? Maybe you are just too busy with work and need a viable alternative. No matter your reason, the team at GRIT Fitness is ready to lend a helping hand.

GRIT Fitness was created by Lauren Rothfield and Christina Wilson to provide their clients with virtual fitness classes and outdoor group fitness routines to inspire their health and wellness. Founded on years of experience in the health and fitness world, clients who sign up for virtual fitness classes will receive their GRIT Virtual WOD sent directly to their inbox for convenient access from the comfort of home.

If you've never considered signing up for virtual fitness classes before, it would be nice to know what to expect. Let's outline a few core benefits that virtual fitness classes can provide!


  • Convenient Home Access — There are a million and one reasons for not being able to make it to the gym. Yet with an internet connection and the right mindset, we never have to miss another workout again. GRIT Virtual Workouts are an ideal way to stay in shape, remain motivated, and continually push forward past present plateaus.

  • Affordable Packages — GRIT Fitness understands that your health should be affordable. The Virtual WOD Pack at GRIT Fitness features 10 Virtual Workouts set to a demo video for just $60. This breaks down to just $10 per course, allowing you to get in shape without making your bank sweat!

  • Move At Your Own Pace — Fitness routines explored from the comfort of home can be enjoyed at your own pace. Slow down, relax, and rewind to ensure that you don't miss a beat, don't skip a rep, and sweat every last bullet along the way!

Sign up today at GRIT Fitness for online fitness classes you can count on!

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